Friday, February 7, 2014

Long time, no post.

Lots going on lately! Our other intern, Brian showed up, and we promptly got to work on some projects. He's cleaning out the barn, and making it into sort of an artists workshop. And adjacent to the barn, we're constructing a new goat enclosure around the legs of the solar array. I like working with Peter, and I'm learning a lot. We've also had help from a "friend of the family," Chris, who is as knowledgeable about natural building as he is about South American struggles.  The goats are excited to be in the new enclosure, as they had been allowed over there before the solar construction; they are rather curious about what's been going on in their old turf. We're also excited that this is getting done so the goats have their own, familiar shelter for kidding. We think maybe Licorice, the black and white beauty pictured here, has 4ish kids in her, so she wants a cozy place to rest. All this rain has everyone antsy out there, including the chickens. They want to roam about, but I don't trust them in the rain. Plus, I don't want to have to go herd them out of the garden and back into the coop in the rain either.
Also learned how to brew Jun and Kombucha from Jini as she prepared some of the best meals yet. 

Seafood is definitely on the menu this month, because we're expecting that maybe there will be a lot of radioactivity hitting this coast from the Fukushima disaster three years ago. Lots of rumblings about that issue here in NorCal, but I must admit that I hadn't heard a lot about that until arriving here. Past couple nights we have had snapper, and then crab and we're savoring every last morsel.

Last night, we went to the Mendocino Environmental Council's radio station/headquarters for one of the DJ's birthday party/potluck. We brought a vegetable tray that included Yuccan root and a chipotle hummus, and plenty of chicken wings with Salt Hollow Fig Barbeque sauce. I made some new friends there, too. It was nice to branch out a bit, seeing as I already feel so at home here on Road B.

That's all for now; those goats don't feed themselves!

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