Wednesday, April 30, 2014

City Slicker

I am back in the city, and getting to business!I had two Trader Joe's interviews, and one was the second round. I visited an herbalist and a tea shop that I would love to work for, and will apply tonight and tomorrow for them. I had an apartment interview, and, in the process of finding that apartment, I ran into someone lovely who is looking to lease a room in her place for much cheaper. It is in a good location for me, too. I biked around ALL DAY, and so I am a bit sore. I meet with the herbalist, and the serendipitous renter tomorrow morning before heading back North with a ride share. Life is grand.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow, I'm headed to the City. I have a ride down there and maybe back. I also have an interview at Trader Joe's. Securing work is the first step, and then I've got to find a place. I'm looking at moving between the 10th of May and the 20th. I'm bringing a stack of resumes and a go-getter's attitude to lock down employment.

My shoulder has been giving me real trouble lately, and it popped out again yesterday. I asked for help milking the goats today, and I'm refraining from sheep wrangling, despite the sheep sheering being today. A day of rest should do it some good, but I'm writing off doing any heavy lifting at a landscaping gig or somesuch. I have to wait for my health insurance to kick in before I can see a doctor about it, but maybe MediCal will cover rehab on a bum shoulder. At least I can talk to a doctor about it once they process my application.

Quiet day on the farm as everyone is off selling baked goods, feeding sheep wranglers, wrangling sheep, or selling plants. Today, I center myself for the big adventure coming up.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A New Phase

THe full moon eclipse last night was really beautiful. Obscured in clouds at its peak, but orange-ish afterward. Moon-gazed with the Salt Hollow folks, including Janet, who I am sad to say left this morning.

Today feels so new. I finished up a small book that my dad gave me about mindfulness, and some buddhist teachings. Checked off an impressive list. Sent applications to a new job (a new life). No strong leads yet, but the future is always unknown.

Scone and greens/eggs for breaky, turkey/nut burgers for lunch, lemon tarragon chicken soup for dinner. Breathing, breathing.

Ongoing project rendering beeswax from some old combs. It's an interesting process: styrofoam cooler, glass set on top to trap the heat. Inside, a pot with water at the bottom with cheesecloth rubber-banded on top. Set comb on top of the cloth, set the whole thing in the sun. The wax that collects on top of the water is remarkably pure.

I'm excited about goats and chickens tomorrow. The other WWOOFers will have left in a day or so, and I'll be back ot feeding the animals myself. I've missed their regular, simple company.

Walked around barefoot all day today. Been doing it a lot. It's helping my posture, and my lack of callouses.

I keep imagining my future in the city. Biking to work, sleeping on the floor til I can find the $ for a bed. It's about time I took a leap relying on just me to catch myself.

I'm applying at Google. Finishing up polishing my resume tonight. Then the cover letter. Wonder if HR will read the blog before considering me for interview.

The kitchen is back in action after having to replace the floor. Long process, bur surprisingly only a little inconvenient. Glad I can make more scones for the morning though. Night!

Found my Asheville hat

First place I want to travel once I get some cash? Asheville. Miss the heck out of Asheville.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wax poetic

Smore ukiaHaiku

Full again and drunk
deep from the lake that empties
precarious grape.

Rolling hills of grass
And salty, evening breeze;
the dew waters us.

The hills have voices
Rising gentle like the mist.
Can they quench the fires?