Saturday, April 26, 2014

Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow, I'm headed to the City. I have a ride down there and maybe back. I also have an interview at Trader Joe's. Securing work is the first step, and then I've got to find a place. I'm looking at moving between the 10th of May and the 20th. I'm bringing a stack of resumes and a go-getter's attitude to lock down employment.

My shoulder has been giving me real trouble lately, and it popped out again yesterday. I asked for help milking the goats today, and I'm refraining from sheep wrangling, despite the sheep sheering being today. A day of rest should do it some good, but I'm writing off doing any heavy lifting at a landscaping gig or somesuch. I have to wait for my health insurance to kick in before I can see a doctor about it, but maybe MediCal will cover rehab on a bum shoulder. At least I can talk to a doctor about it once they process my application.

Quiet day on the farm as everyone is off selling baked goods, feeding sheep wranglers, wrangling sheep, or selling plants. Today, I center myself for the big adventure coming up.

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