Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm up late because I'm living well. Tonight I went to a folk concert for the second time. It was beautiful, intimate, and oh-so-East-Bay.

A few weeks ago, I started seeing this guy named Whitney. He's charming, creative, and admirable. He lives in a co-op in Berkeley and has amazing friends and roommates. One project he's been working on is to refurbish this big blue school bus, and turn it into an RV. He and his friends recently competed this task, and took the bus on the road, stopping to have pop-up concerts along the way. The tour is called Splendor All Around (click!), and I was fortunate enough to go to the very first show of the tour in Berkeley. It was at the house of the parents of the guy who bought the bus and worked so hard to transform it into a living/performance space. Among the beautiful landscaping and Berkeley hills, we piled into the bus for a tightly packed but soothing set of folk music.

Whitney and his friends went north to Washington, playing shows and living small. Then, they came back this week, a little early. Tonight, I got to go to one of the last shows on the tour. This time, it was with a band that they met on their tour, and was in the back yard of someone who clearly likes to garden. Instead of an all acoustic show, this one was with microphones. It was a very different experience, and I'm glad to have had both.

The music makes me miss home, and Asheville, where folk music seeps out of the corners of quiet old homes. It made me think of family, and my friends, and the kind of future that we can build together if we treat our friends like family. It was a really good night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


My fritada this morning looks like Packman. :) it tastes good too.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lucky Day

Couple nights ago, my coworkers invited me to go out dancing after work. I was a little apprehensive, but excited to connect with them. They are such good people and the prospect of being social was really encouraging. So after work, we booked it on our bikes to the BART Station to catch a light rail train to San Francisco. When we got to the station, Kevin had forgotten his bike lock, and SK's lock suddenly wouldn't work. We heard the last BART train of the night arrive and quickly locked up the bikes all with my lock, and got into the station just in time.

The Trader Joe's crew, Kevin, SK, and I, met up with Kevin's twin brother Peter. Peter's moving back to Boston so wanted to go out on the town to enjoy one of the last weekends he'll have here. We ducked into the first recommended bar called the Make Out Room. It was a small place, and felt really intimate. The DJ was mixing Salsa and Samba music with popular base-heavy stuff. Fun to dance to. I had a great time dancing with my coworkers and we even felt like staying out extra late, so we tried to find another bar after the Make Out Room closed. We called an Uber car, which is like a Taxi that you can order to your location with your smartphone. The Uber driver picked us up and we drove to this other club, but the scene looked sketchy so we decided to just head back to the East Bay to go to bed.

When the driver got us back to the BART station to pick up our bikes, we found that the cable holding our bikes together had been cut, and Kevin and SK's bikes had been stolen. Kevin was not phased at all, as he had just got a cheap bike from the internet, but SK was devastated. She bikes everywhere and has had that nice bike for so long. Lesson learned: Don't just lock your bike with a bike cable. You have to lock your frame with a U-Lock directly to the bike rack. Lucky for me, my frame was locked to the rack and my bike was still there. In the rush to get them home and for me to hop on my bike, I must have dropped my phone in the Uber car, with my credit card and ID inside.

I spent yesterday just processing. I figured there was nothing to do about my lost things until a weekday anyway. Went to work and came home, feeling happy that I didn't have a phone to look at every 10 seconds. I hopped online and logged into my Google account on my computer, and locked my phone remotely, and commanded it to display a message if anyone turned on the phone asking them to call my roommate and return my phone and I'd give them a $20 reward.

Then this morning, my roommate got a call! The Uber driver was cleaning out his car when he found my phone. He had remembered me, and was happy to meet me in the city this morning to give me the phone, with ID and CC! I gave him the $20 reward, though I didn't think he read the message. Nice guy. And I'm the the lucky guy!

But wait, there's more. I came home to find that I had a care package from my mom with Maple syrup, my long lost stuffed animal from childhood, and a couple shirts. AND, a card from my Grandparents (HI GUYS!) with pictures and loving words... Thank you to y'all, and thank the universe for being so nice to me and returning my things!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bicycle Safety

My housemate, MaryAnn is a Bicycle Safety instructor. She keeps chiding me to wear a helmet when I bike. I figured out my finances for the month and I have enough for a couple purchases. So today, I got myself a nifty helmet. $60 worth of safety that should save me a brain injury. The tank top is new too, but that was just plain vanity.

This post is for you, mom. :D