Saturday, October 31, 2015

Birthday Reflections

29 years old and a half an hour. Today I thought: I am exactly the person that I want to be. I imagined myself as a seed, gone back into its singularity to sprout into an new level of terrain. I’m pleased with my life and living situation, I am gainfully employed, I have a community of support that shines back at me. I went to a SplendorAllAround show today, and found myself amidst familiar earth, familiar people, familiar music. The consistency of growing roots has me feeling centered, content, and invigorated.

I’ve received gifts from my family in Michigan. They love me lots. I miss them—especially in the fall. Pumpkin pie reminds me of my grandma, and cookies of my grandpa. Fallen leaves crinkling underfoot has my dad’s voice echoing in my ears. The wonder of a new package in the mail makes me think of my mom, and the inspiring art around me, spilling out of my friends always makes me think of my sister.

I worked two jobs today, the day before my birthday. I am growing and learning a lot by paying more and more careful attention. This awareness brings a crispness to my lived experience, and a clarity to my vision, and not just in my employment. My work with my hands teaches me enriching things every day, and the human body’s complexities keep me in wonder.

I’m feeling really free. Levity is the word. Good thing I’m so grounded, or I’d float away in bliss.