Saturday, September 13, 2014

All things new

After working at the bakery last night, i brought some cookies from work to one of my lovelies, and got swept up in some serendipitous plans. Whitney (lovely) was invited by an old roommate to go to an event at the Oakland museum. We quickly cooked some squash for dinner, and met up with them at his old house (which was remarkably near my house) then we went to the museum to find food trucks, salsa dancing, and the best, most creatively interactive museum I have ever been to. We only had an hour to explore, so I want to go back to the museum on the once-a-month free day.
I wrote this haiku about experiencing new things, and discovering new people:

Just then, a seed fell;
comedy of potential,
last laugh of the husk

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Clean Cut

I am freshly trimmed and enjoying my new job at the bakery. On lunch now on my second day. Looking a little sleepy as I adjust to a morning-heavy schedule. Here's a pic!