Friday, May 2, 2014


I had some great success when I was in the East Bay. I really hustled and found what I was looking for. I had four interviews, and two were at the Emeryville Trader Joe's. They are looking to hire about when I move, and I think the interviews went well. I also am in the process of applying at a great tea shop called Far Leaves, and an herb store called Lhasa Karnak. If neither of these dream jobs turn out, I may apply at Berkeley Bowl, a healthfood store in the East Bay.

I visited a couple apartments, too. I was looking for an apartment at which I was supposed to meet someone for an interview, and this lovely lady asked if I needed help. In the process of talking with her, I found that she also has a room to rent, and it is exactly my price point. It is close to Emeryville, has a peaceful garden in the backyard, and a wonderful roommate: she's a potter, massage therapist, bisexual, great listener, and lovely spirit. She's gonna accept my violin as my first month's rent, and may be starting school in the city which will have her staying there two days a week. I even met someone to give me a ride down to the East Bay on the 23rd, so that is my tentative move date!

And back to the day-to-day, we're prepping the outside garden beds by clearing, mowing, and tilling, I believe. Then, we'll plant bird-friendly food crops like amaranth and sorghum. Got some new plant starts to plant tomorrow, too. Plenty to do, so I'll leave this post at that.

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  1. Wish I could see all you are seeing right now. :)