Sunday, December 28, 2014

Coast Goats!

I'm off my gotta-show-up-for-work job until January 2, so I had a chance to get away for an overnight in a peaceful spot. A friend I met through Whitney who works on a farm where he takes care of goats. I had been curious to meet and milk his critters, and I got the chance.

Slide Ranch is on the coast, surround by Mt. Tamalpais State Park. Seems like if the earth shook just right, the whole operation would slide into the ocean.

Luckily, the land there is so peaceful. Round twenty people keep the place running as a venue for outdoor education. Informative signs point out where bee hives are and why they're important. There's a yurt overlooking an endless pacific horizon, just asking for a class on native birds, and another gazebo to show how weaving works.

There is a garden that points out how important Comfrey is as an herb, as well as a beach made of plum sized stones worn by the salty waves.

After spending the night there, we met up with some other friends just a bit further up the coast. You remember that Splendor All Around show on the big blue school bus? Some of those musicians were practicing to record some songs.

I'm back home in the East Bay now, belly full and scheming about how to be productive in the next few restful days.

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  1. Great picts of a sweet place. Nice to see you get to see things like this from time to time. Good earthiness experiences do the mind good. Stay small :0)