Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back Pat

Today, I, again, made really awesome food. Vegetable stock from scratch, the majority of which turned into beef stock with stew meat. I made a rice pilaf that will be both an additative for the beef stew and for the meatloaf that I'll make tomorrow. I sauteed shitakes and onions that are going in the stew, too. For now, I'm eating pilaf, mushrooms, turnip greens from a couple days ago, and sauerkraut from Trader Joe's. Tonight I'm having sweet potato lentils that I made yesterday. I have a rotation of leftovers accumulating, but my hunger cannot be sated. I keep eating, so I keep cooking.

Wish I could post pictures, but my camera on my phone is taking crappy ones lately so I am unmotivated. Plus, I keep watching this show called Game of Thrones, so that will take up some time. Big beautiful delicious day and I still have a shift at work ahead of me. Bet I'll be whooped tonight, but a day well spent, I'd say. 'Specially cause earlier, I also cleaned the tub, dishes, and laundry, and went to the farmer's market. Life feels easy, suddenly, now that I'm caught up from moving. Wonder where I'll stick my nose next.


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