Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting Fed

Already a big day and it's only 5:30. Morning was graciously short, having been allowed to sleep in. Jini had morning obligations, and I needed the rest. I ate a delicious breakfast of back-yard eggs, kale, and goat cheese, showered, and Brett and I set to work tidying up for a meeting that the house will host tonight. Took Lucy, a perfect mix of whippet vigor and jack russle spunk for a walk. She's a little too big for her britches, tempting fights with any dog behind a fence, no matter how big.
Brett showed me the lay of the land, pointing out good places to meander, as well as the dwindling Lake Mendocino. A sad sight, really, but one improved by the rain that continues to fall. After our return, there was animal feed to file away, kindling to split, and a little time to get acquainted with the animals.

We've got 4 goats, a coop of chickens, couple cats, and a 4 member aviary. I'll be responsible for feeding them until the other WWOOFers arrive to share in the chores. WWOOF stands for WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or somesuch, a network of folks taking care of their land with the help of largely unpaid help, eager to work in exchange or a place to stay and a stocked kitchen.
We've also got a contingency of Three permanent residents, including Jini, Peter, and Charlie. Then there's me, Brett, and Thoth here, though I think Thoth and Brett will be staying elsewhere after this weekend. That's great news for me, too, cause I'll move into Brett's room, and finally get unpacked all the way. As it stands, I'm off to tend to dinner.

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